Comic 81 - 080
22nd Jul 2015, 9:00 AM
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Author Notes:
bobbledoggy edit delete
Written by Vincent Carbone
Art by BloodyHorse

Well, this story is certainly going somewhere... new...

PS: Soooooooo pumped for Otakon in Baltimore this weekend. I'll be there all three days (I mean, I don't have a table or anything, but I'll be around).

PPS: The numbering on the pages got badly messed up somewhere. I'll have it fixed soon. Sorry...

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User comments:
chris-tar edit delete reply
Ok. So my guess is that this giant "cat-demon", or "cat-God" is transacting on another plane of existence? Like maybe another dimension?
The smaller cats inside the sky city did not seem too be afraid of her when she appeared in front of them, so perhaps they only sensed that something was happening but didn't actually see it, or maybe they were paralyzed by her aura.
When the cat Goddess cut through the sky city, she may have only temporarily altered its atomic structure, almost like waving your hand through a hologram, so that when she was done, it simply bounced back into its preprogrammed shape. It's as if all of reality were like a computer simulation constructed of electrons which could correlate to bits of data in a computer's central processing unit, or in this case the mind of the ultimate creator God.
Now the power crystals used inside the sky city could be like portals that link the God dimension to the mortal dimension, and somehow, the essence of a new born God may have distilled itself in, or been attracted to the crystals.
The wailing sound could be because it is trapped inside those crystals and is crying to be free.