Comic 181 - Happy 4th of July Weekend!
3rd Jul 2016, 9:00 AM
Happy 4th of July Weekend!
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Author Notes:
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Written by Vincent Carbone
Art by BloodyHorse

The Festival of Sparks is a traditional summer holiday celebrated by most Imperial Feline households. It is held once a year in early-summer, and commemorates the end of the Feline Civil War and the beginning of the Great Unification, wherein all Feline City-States were united under one common banner for the first time.

In celebration, Feline families will typically set off one or two small firecrackers in their yards over the course of the day and most major cities will put on a large fireworks display just after sundown.

The holiday is meant to fill the streets with the sounds of war, so that no Imperial citizen forgets the high price that was paid for the peaceful way of life they enjoy today.

In recent years,the festival has become increasingly popular with Dogs, especially in the Imperial Occupied Territories.

However, Dogs do not attach any significant meaning to the festival.

They just like explosions.

(Seriously though, to all our fans in the Unites States: I hope you have a fantastic 4th of July Weekend.)

(And to all our fans outside the United States: USA! USA! USA!)

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